Ritual is a daily supplement for women that traces every ingredient back to its source

Consumers have become more interested and discerning of the products that they put in and on their bodies. One industry that has eluded the scrutiny that countless other products have faced in recent years is the supplement industry, up until now. Direct-to-consumer health brand Ritual has set out to reinvent the space with a product with traceable ingredients that your body truly needs.

PSFK caught up with Ritual Founder and CEO Kat Schneider to talk about the inspiration behind the recently-launched brand, which started when Schneider became pregnant. “I cared what I was putting in and on my body more than ever before,” Schneider explained. “I looked at the vitamins I was taking every single day and realized that they contained some of the same questionable ingredients that I was avoiding elsewhere.” This prompted Schneider to call up her friends to ask what vitamins they were taking and the ingredients in the vitamins. Schneider discovered that while people knew all of the ingredients in most of the products they were ingesting most people had no clue what was in their vitamins. Seeing a gap in the market and fueled by her curiosity Schneider decided, four months into her pregnancy, to leave her job and start a company that reinvented the vitamin industry from the ground up.

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