Uber Is Now Offering An Unlimited Ride Subscription

Uber Is Now Offering An Unlimited Ride Subscription

The taxi app is experimenting with a new service that allows travelers to get unlimited rides, with some specific restrictions

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 5 october 2016

Uber may be dominating the travel marketing, but it still faces a huge amount of competition from other taxi and ride sharing companies. For those frequent Uber users in Manhattan, a new trial option is now available with a subscription fee instead of pay per ride.

For $100 for two weeks or $200 per month, Uber users can sign up for a trial unlimited ride subscription, in which they can use Uber whenever they want without worrying about the spike in prices. The option is meant to insure brand loyalty and incentivize Uber in the face of so much competition. However, there are several limitations on the program itself that might deter some users. All rides must start and end in Manhattan below 125th Street, the subscription is only available for UberPOOL which is the cheapest option and also allows for multiple passenger pick-ups, and if the ride costs over $20, the user must pay the excess.


Lead Image: Uber car on streets of New York via Shutterstock

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