VR App Prescribed For Pain Relief

VR App Prescribed For Pain Relief
Augmented & Virtual Reality

A pharmacy chain in Sweden is stepping away from tradition to develop a happy place for the pain-afflicted

Jiwon Kim
  • 27 october 2016

Apotek Hjärtat is a Swedish pharmacy chain that has developed an app to provide pain relief. The pharmacy decided to take on this project after reviewing research on how visual distractions are an effective way to deal with pain. Named ‘Happy Place,’ the app is comprised of a series of outdoor scenes that users can interact and engage with.

The company consulted with researchers from the University of Sweden and therapeutic app developer Mimerse to perfect the VR experience.

One VR scene users can experience is the calmness of rain. In any scenario, they can stay still and enjoy the moment or choose to explore their surroundings. The experience is easy to navigate because a user’s eye movements are tracked.

Happy Place is available for free download at the Oculus store. In addition, this VR experience is also available in clinics and pharmacies where this app can be used while injecting patients with vaccines. Although not a long-term solution to pain relief, this is just a glimpse of VR’s capabilities.

Apotek Hjärtat

Lead Image: Doctor checks medical record by VR via Shutterstock

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