DoorDash teamed up with Rock the Vote to provide on-demand assistance with the process of registering

If you care about your future, it’s important to vote, which is why food delivery startup DoorDash teamed up with Rock the Vote to deliver a voter registration kit to your doorstep. In a world where the presidential candidates are as controversial as you are busy, the company looked to streamline the registration process so more voices can be heard than ever before.

In the same way that users typically order the food (through the app), DoorDash added the option for registration forms, information sheets and prepaid envelopes to arrive at their home at the tap of a button. And while the offer was only available for Chicago, Denver, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco citizens, the progressive approach for getting potential voters to register had a large turnout, raising important questions as to how this country should incentivize its population to cast their votes.

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