A designer's exploration resulted in a device made to record moments, while also looking at the creation of the recorder itself

Designer Amos Dudley has taken 3D printed cameras to a whole new level, creating the SLO (single lens objective) camera—a 35mm camera constructed entirely out of 3D printed parts. The camera is built using a Form 2 SLA, a printer that create objects using different types of resin with millimetric precision. Even the smallest parts of the camera are 3D printed, with no manual touch-up work required.

Dudley documented the entire process on his blog. “Analog photography takes the sense of a moment and turns it into a tangible image. My 3D printer turns the content of my thoughts into real shape and form. I wanted to know if there’s a more authentic photograph to be found at the intersection of design and photography—so I set out to make a camera with only a 3D printer.”

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