ReForm is a workout garment that features integrated compression benefits as well as kinesiology tape

Say goodbye to sports tape the next time you work out! Thanks to ReForm, a new activewear line, you can buy activewear with the benefits of the Kinesiology tape already infused into the garment.

It's clear that Python Performance understands the ever-constant predicament of physically active people when it comes to their dependence on kinesiology tape. For many,  finding a trained individual to apply the tape and then deal with peeling it off later is too much of a hassle.


ReForm to the rescue, having built activewear specifically targeted to the shoulders, delts and back to stabilize posture. Additionally it acts as compression clothing in key areas of the body to offer full support for movemen, along with heat dissipation and retention and ReForm strips in key areas to optimize muscle activation. ReForm has indeed refined the activewear garment.

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