'Good Is The New Cool' Authors Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones share their 7 principles for branding with a social impact

Looking at the news headlines today, it would be easy to fall into a state of deep despair. Stories of extreme climate change, preventable diseases, economic inequality, social injustice, and the failure of our key institutions—government, banks, and corporations—dominate the news cycles and social media feeds.

Yet from traveling around the world and talking with young people, it is clear the millennial generation (those born between the early eighties and the mid nineties) and Generation Z (born in the mid nineties to now) have a real sense of optimism about the future of this planet. Younger generations want experiences over products, sharing versus sole ownership, and entrepreneurship versus employment. And these shifts in values are for good reason: these younger generations have seen their parents’ generation work themselves to the bone to—quoting finance expert Dave Ramsey—“Buy things they don’t need, with money they didn’t have to impress people they didn’t like,” only to see them lose it all to financial crises and downsizing.

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