Lee Kimball, a staff member at the agency Roundhouse, was told to survive in nature using only objects made by the brands they represent

If you had to survive in the wild with only what your workplace produced, would you last a week? That’s what Portland-based agency Roundhouse sought to find out with an experiment in utility. This sixteen-minute epic follows Lee Kimball, a copywriter at creative agency, who has to survive using only client products.

Dropped off by Oregon’s Lower Crooked River, Kimball’s goal was to survive for a week and really “live their clients’ brands.” At times comedic, Kimball does his best to identify edible plant life, fish, and keep a fire going, all while using various products. Kimball told Ad Freak that while the experiment was difficult, overall it was a success: “I think we definitely proved ourselves as an agency that lives its clients’ brands.”

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