Instead of tracking your rest time, the goal of this bedside alarm clock is to help regularize your slumber patterns

Sleep quality is a very talked about subject and one startup from Hong Kong’s Brinc IoT accelerator claims it can improve it with Kello, a bedside sleep trainer. The device looks like a wireless speaker, and unlike some of its competitors, it doesn’t rely on wearables or sensors to track the sleep activity. Instead, it uses scientifically proven techniques from specialists to help us fall asleep faster, wake up feeling rested and ultimately changing our lifestyle.

While something like a connected mattress can tell you how long you slept and how many times you woke up, it doesn’t really do anything to address a sleep problem. Kello Labs surveyed over 10,000 people to solve these and other sleep-related issues, and ended up with six programs for its device: Bedtime Alert, Fall Asleep Fast, Power Naps, Wake Up Earlier, Snooze Less, and Fight Jet Lag.

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