Miscoots Outfitters is connecting the homeless to work opportunities with the Cause Cap

If any company has been a game-changer in spearheading one-for-one business model, it’s TOMS. However, there are certainly downsides to the “for every item sold, another is given away for free” concept, such as local businesses going bankrupt in impoverished areas due to the free influx of items. Mitscoots Outfitters is a company that is revolutionizing the model to battle this problem, by essentially employing the homeless—the very people they are trying to help.

Mitscoot Outfitters was founded on the impetus that in addition to food and water, the homeless need access to clean, high quality clothing. In that vein, they decided to produce and give away caps made up of durable material while providing employment opportunities for those in need.

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