A one-of-a-kind design creates sand art creations right before your eyes

A coffee table isn’t just a place to put down your coffee or store your fine art books. Located smack-bang in the center of the living room, one could argue that it's the most noticeable piece of furniture in the home, around which people sit to have conversations. Bruce Shapiro's traditional wooden table Sisyphus is definitely a conversation-starter, being a kinetic art piece that showcases mesmerizing designs with sand.

The Sisyphus table uses a two-motor robot called the Sisbot, a glass top equipped with a Raspberry Pi computer that controls the motors, along with a magnet that controls the steel ball’s movement. A playlist installed on the software determines how the ball moves, enabling table owners to control its speed and playback functionalities. Not only is the table a breath of fresh air in the furniture industry, but watching it in motion evokes meditative feelings.

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