Ample Foods Founder Connor Young explains why supplements are the next food trend coming to the workplace

We work out regularly and read blogs about health and nutrition on nights and weekends, vowing to do all of the right things to be healthy. Then Monday morning comes, and since we’re ambitious and productive, we invariably get sucked into work mode – pulled into non-stop meetings and constantly on-the go. Try as we might, our best laid plans to eat healthy during the busy work week fall by the wayside.

We know we need optimal nutrition to sustain great work, but the demands for our time make it impossible for us to really prioritize our health. Sure, we could use meal delivery services like Sprig and Munchery, do an epic food prep session with Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, or grab a quick snack, protein shake, or banana. But price, nutritional quality, and time can make all of these solutions unrealistic.

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