Human Element Inc. is exploring the potential for integrating 'crowdwork' into everyday experiences

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding have grown tremendously over the past seven years or so, disrupting the status quo for manufacturing, outsourcing and birthing new products. The idea of leveraging the masses directly would have sounded phony, if not downright impossible just 10 years ago, but today we’re seeing thousands of products and services spring to life thanks to the global network of freelancers, early adopters and general consumers leveraging each other’s skills and capital. Expanding on the utility of the crowd, Stephen Bogner and Philipp Schmitt’s Human Element Inc. explores the potential for integrating ‘crowdwork’ into everyday experiences—that is, tapping millions of individuals to ‘buy in’ to a certain product or service through the completion of bite-sized tasks (think: categorizing images, transcribing texts and filtering out explicit content).

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