The food chain is attempting to create a unique delivery system so that hungry people can get pizza in the dead of winter

What’s better than a hot and steamy pizza delivered right to your front door? A pizza delivery from a reindeer, that is! Thanks to Domino’s Japan, this seemingly far-fetched fantasy is becoming a reality.

Domino’s Japan is currently attempting to figure out a way to use reindeer to deliver pizza in Hokkaido, which is particularly cold and snowy in the winter. These animals will be able to brave the weather better and more safely than delivery drivers. While it might seem like a publicity stunt, the company is working with a local research center and reindeer breeders to see if such a feat would be possible. If Domino’s is successful, the program would launch in December. All in all, the concept may not be as efficient as New Zealand Domino’s drone delivery system, but it certainly has more cute-factor!

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