Drink A Cup Of Tea From This Spray Can

Drink A Cup Of Tea From This Spray Can

No More Tea Bags is an innovative storage method that dispenses pre-brewed tea from a nozzle

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 8 november 2016

While a piping hot cup of tea can warm the soul, it also warms our planet with all the waste that is generated as a result. It’s estimated that in the UK alone, 165 million cups of tea are consumed daily, an equivalent of 60.2 billion bags are thrown out on a yearly basis. In response to this environmental challenge, UK-based Yumcha Drinks launched No More Tea Bags, an innovative method of drinking tea which contains and dispenses pre-brewed tea in a spray can.

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While its unclear whether switching to cans actually solves any the problem of having to dispose endless amounts of tea bags (as now you’re getting rid of aluminum instead), it is theorized that there is at least less waste as a result. Moreover, the benefit of being able to control the strength and/or concentration of one’s tea could prompt fans of the new method to switch over to cans – an unrivaled innovation for an industry that’s stayed relatively the same over the course of hundreds of years.

No More Tea Bags

Featured image: cup of tea via Shutterstock 

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