A Drone Could Be The Best Security System For Your House

A Drone Could Be The Best Security System For Your House

Sunflower Labs has developed a proximity-sensor and auto-piloted quadcopter to take on any unwanted visitors

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 17 november 2016

As IoT technology continues to develop, many products are being introduced into the ecosystem not just to smarten the household, but protect it as well. Among the list of devices, the most common items include push-notification locks and cameras, which are useful for safeguarding your home, but only when danger comes a-knocking. In contrast, startup Sunflower Labs has taken a different approach to home security, blending proximity sensors, machine learning algorithms and drone cameras to prevent thieving activity before it reaches your door.

The patented Sunflower Smart Lights work by learning a property’s routines, sending signals to the drone to go check out unusual activity and notifying homeowners all the same.

In the mean time, the lights will trigger an alarm (both visually and acoustically) to deter unwanted visitors from proceeding further. When the drone arrives at the scene, you’ll receive a live stream video on your phone to help you identify the intruder.

drone security

After setup is complete, you can manage the alerts options to tell Sunflower what types of alerts should trigger a push-notification, and subsequently when to handle things on its own. Setup is quick and painless, simply wedge the Sunflower Smart Lights into the ground and sync them either with the respective app or your own third-party smart home devices. The lights also double as beautiful garden lights, perfect for parties and tying the exterior of a home together.

Sunflower Labs

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