Electric Truck Can Be Built In Just Four Hours

Electric Truck Can Be Built In Just Four Hours

Charge is a new easy to assemble a type of vehicle that is designed to be safe and better for the environment

Jennifer Passas
  • 14 november 2016

At the Wired 2016 Conference last week British automotive company Charge unveiled an electric truck that can be assembled in four hours. The company hopes that with pricing the vehicles in line with conventional trucks, barriers to entry will be removed, making them a viable option in the near future.

Charge vehicles are built in Britain using ultra-lightweight composite materials that drastically reduce weight. Using this technology with Charge’s hardware which includes power electronics and motors, the operating costs of the vehicle are reduced by more than 50 percent. In an industry that is driven by price and weight, Charge could transform the sector with design simplicity.

The vehicles are able to receive over-the-air updates similar to a smartphone and are built for future driverless regulations. Ready to go at the push of a button the trucks produce zero emissions for the first 100 miles they travel. For longer journeys a dual mode can be used to recharge the battery and extend the range to 500 miles.

Electric Truck

The Charge trucks are available in a range of sizes, from 3.5 tons to 26 tons, and meet EV legislation globally. With Charge trucks on the road, it is believed that London’s streets would be significantly safer for pedestrians and cyclists. The company is planning to open its first factory in 2017 and expects the vehicles to be on the road soon after.

Charge isn’t the first company proposing alternative trucks of the future. Mercedes-Benz unveiled its own automated cargo loading van earlier this year that comes along with drones that drop off packages. Additionally, with growing interest in electric vehicles other modes of transportation such as air transport are being considered for battery-powered designs.



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