This Floating City Concept Could Fight Climate Change

This Floating City Concept Could Fight Climate Change
Design & Architecture

A hoverboard startup wants to help keep urban areas safe from destruction

Jiwon Kim
  • 10 november 2016

The increasingly negative effects of climate change have governments concerned about the destruction of their cities in the near future. In October 2016, Haiti was devastated by Hurricane Matthew, leaving more than 1.4 million people in need of assistance. Global sea levels are also rising at an alarming rates, putting cities like Venice in danger, along with people’s lives and livelihood at risk, especially in coastal areas. Arx Pax, a startup that created the Hendo hoverboard, is offering a solution through its patented self-adjusting floating city concept called the SAFE Building System. 

The system works like this: a small pool of water is created near a larger body of water and then filled with a few feet of water. The dirt excavated is used to protect the land against any storms. Large modules shaped like shipping containers are then assembled together to float above the pool.  Together, they act as a stable platform for the floating building system on top.

The idea behind this system is that floating objects will be safe from floods. Water would circle around the floating cities, instead of flooding them. In theory, the impact of earthquakes will also be decreased as a result. Arx Pax used marine architecture and structural engineering technology to create a system that is not only cost-effective but can capture carbon. The goal is to create stable infrastructures that pave the way for more development in areas that may be at risk.

Arx Pax hopes that governments and companies interested in building sustainable, safe cities will license its work. Fighting Mother Nature may be challenging, but hopefully this technology will alleviate the problems that we humans have created for ourselves.

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