Google has updated its messaging application Allo to help provide quicker responses to users and provide information about a topic or restaurant nearby

Two months after its release, what has Google's messaging app, Allo, achieved? First announced earlier this year in May, Allo is a smart messaging app and uses Google's AI assistant to help provide optimal answers based on the conversation thread. After hitting almost 5 million downloads in 5 days, new downloads have since stalled.

On Allo, if a conversation delves into potential hangout sports or times in which to hang out, automated replies offer restaurant locations, the score of a game going on or movie times from local theaters to facilitate the process. While in a conversation thread, for example, hitting @google as the recipient of the next message and asking for the newest movie playing in theaters will bring the results up privately. Allo also has the option to have a private conversation with the AI Assistant to reference events happening and place reminders for them on the calendar.

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