New automated technologies could soon replace distracting and error-prone phone-controlled setups

Recent research by major traffic safety focused organizations such as the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety have found that voice-control systems are very distracting, error prone and frustrating to use. In an effort to provide a better solution startup VTouch, a startup based in Seoul, has partnered with Kia and Hyundai to research gesture-based HUDs (heads-up displays) dashboards.

The smart HUDs would let drivers swipe through options to play music, make calls, set navigation and cruise control. VTouch's interface swiping gesture allows the driver to flick a finger while keeping their hands close to the wheel. When drivers control their driving environment with buttons on a console or on the wheel there are more distractions because you have to look at the buttons, which means your eyes are off the road, something that HUDs could resolve. Gesture technology would also open up hands-free options to drivers with accents or speaking disabilities who are often not understood by voice-controlled systems.

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