Hyundai Is Turning Children’s Doodles Into Actual Cars

Hyundai Is Turning Children’s Doodles Into Actual Cars

15 kids got to be designers for a day at the Brilliant Kids Motorshow

Andrew Conrad
  • 2 november 2016

Countless parents have taken their kid’s crude scrawls and displayed them as works of art, but several Korean parents now have the distinct honor of seeing their children’s fanciful automobile designs come to life as functioning vehicles. Hyundai, in partnership with Innocean, made the experience possible as part of the Brilliant Kids Motorshow at Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity in Singapore last month.

From a pool of 7,322 children’s doodles, 15 winning designs were selected to be built by Hyundai engineers into driveable, half-scale vehicles.

The whimsical mock-ups featured accessories such as feathered wings, rooftop propellers and humanoid appendages. Some of the designs conjure images of Homer Simpson’s brainchild for the car of the future.

brilliant kids motorshow.jpg

According to Innocean’s web site, Hyundai plans to expand the concept globally. So the next time your child comes up with a zany idea for a new car, you may want to have them put it on paper.

Hyundai Brilliant Kids Motorshow


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