Wireless Headphones Act As Your Own Personal Trainer

Wireless Headphones Act As Your Own Personal Trainer

Sensors inside the Jabra earphones can keep track of your gym activity to help motivate you

Yi Chen
  • 10 november 2016

Danish wireless headset maker, Jabra, just announced a generation of in-ear wireless headphones that is specifically design for active people. The Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition might look like any other headphones on the market, but there’s more to the design and technology than meets the eye.

The key feature of these new sports headphones is its ability to automatically count reps, which is made possible with the TrackFit motion sensor embedded in the left earbud. At the moment, the sensor only recognizes 10 activities, including dumbbell-based and bodyweight exercises. In addition to counting reps, the sensor can also track steps, distance, and calories burnt during a workout.


The wireless Bluetooth-enabled earbuds bring improvements such as a more comfortable fit and a clearer sound quality with noise cancellation to ensure that the users can better focus on their workout. There’s even a mobile app that helps you plan, track and analyze your workouts and turns the headphones into an in-ear personal trainer. The audio coaching is described by the company to optimize each session, whether it’s cross training or indoor workouts.

The Jabra Sport Special Edition is available now to purchase and costs $120.


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