Plastic Reflective, from Dutch designer Thijs Biersteker, helps participants think of ocean waste as a universal issue

Plastic Reflective is an immersive art installation that turns spectators into modules of plastic. Dutch designer Thijs Biersteker asks participants to reflect on their own contributions to pollution, while emphasizing how the seemingly imperishable plastic compound is being imbedded into our food system. Using infrared sensor maps, the installation outlines the viewer's body into a silhouette comprised of different plastic waste.

Thijs Bierstaker, who is known for his interactive art pieces—like a punching bag to combat cancer and a book cover that judges you—was commissioned by de Persgroep Netherlands and the Plastic Soup Foundation for The Creative Press Challenge. The installation uses a horizontal pixel grid and 601 waterproof engines to pull the floating pieces of trash across a black biobased pool of water. The pieces of trash were collected from oceans in Hawaii, Aruba, Japan and the North Sea, reinforcing the universal issue of ocean pollution.

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