GearTags uses a single device to manage all of your equipment, and saves the headache of forgetting something at home

Freelancers or business travelers know the last-minute worry of forgetting something and messing up a project as a result. Roie Galitz, a wildlife photographer and entrepreneur, approached Julia Lerner, a software engineer with a decade of experience, to help him create a device to keep track of his work equipment. Their solution is the GearEye dongle, a small device used to track RFID strips attached to said equipment.

The GearEye dongle fits into a small bag to account for all of the equipment pieces inside with the attached adhesive. Users can choose to have the dongle or instead have a phone cover do this, which doubles as a back-up charger for the smartphone. If an item goes missing or isn't in the bag, the device informs you of its location.

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