How WeWork Is Finding The Balance Between Working And Living

How WeWork Is Finding The Balance Between Working And Living

Adam Neumann, founder of coworking space WeWork, spoke at the Forbes Under 30 Summit about their new space for entrepreneurs called WeLive

Ivanha Paz
  • 9 november 2016

During the annual Forbes Under 30 Summit that took place in Boston this year, and which PSFK attended, Adam Neumann, founder of WeWork came to talk about the balance between work and life and how his new project, a living space for like-minded individuals called WeLive, adds to that concept.

For Neumann, “Making a life means finding something that you are passionate about,” and WeLive takes that motto and transforms it to “love your life with a new way of living.” The apartment complexes and common spaces are all built with the goal to foster relationships amongst the WeLive community.

With similar amenities as WeWork, this new way of living features meeting spaces, “laundry rooms that double as bars,” communal kitchens, roof decks, and hot tubs. By purchasing a membership you have access to common areas, events, apartment units with: HDTVs, wireless speakers, and regulated environmental controls, as well as a full-time community concierge, coffee, beer, and tea. Its functional design makes it a model for urban living by providing clever ideas for storage and optimizing small spaces.

The living space makes technology a central part of its accommodations, with high speed Wi-Fi available throughout its entirety. It considers its prime market and caters to it with fully furnished and decorated units that will motivate their residents to live out their best life.

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To maintain the feeling of community WeLive has a mobile application through which all members can communicate and engage. Memberships can vary as well as your stay, with month-to-month flexibility, you can decide whether you want to stay for a few nights or months.

The idea is that people with similar interests or views can get together in an environment conducive to collaboration and feed off each other as they go about their daily lives. WeLive is not supposed to be an extension of work into your home, but an expansion of space in which to drive your passions and make a worthwhile life.

According to Neumann there are more projects in the works, all based in the concept of community. He explained that since the inception of WeWork, they had already thought about WeLive, WeGym, WeEat, among others. Currently WeLive complexes can be found in New York City and Washington D.C. NYC apartments start at $1,900/ person for private bedrooms and $3,050 for private studios, this per month. There are no credit checks or brokers’ fees.



Adam Neumann speaking during Forbes Under 30 Summit (Credit: Benjamin Esakof / Forbes

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