NYU student Nicole He has developed a way to use touch technology and people's natural electric current to play games

How many licks does it take to win a video game? NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program student Nicole He put this question the the ultimate test by creating the first lollipop video game controller that you can eat while you play.

The lollipops function as four up, down, left, and right arrow keys. Utilizing copper foil tape to conduce the natural current of the human body to send a signal to the game to make a move, the system also uses a single board computer by Raspberry Pi and touch-registering add-on Adafruit Capacitive Touch HAT. Although there are downsides to the controller—it takes a lot of time to use, it can only be utilized with very basic games and it eventually be consumed with enough plays—it definitely tastes better than a Wii remote.

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