Manhattan’s Newest Club Is A Social Workspace For Women

Manhattan’s Newest Club Is A Social Workspace For Women

The Wing is a place for female professionals, either as a spot to work or one to unwind

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 8 november 2016

Often in historical dramas, we see gentlemen-only social clubs where well-dressed businessmen meet to play cards and share a drink. A new space in Manhattan, The Wing, takes that concept and creates a similarly relaxed professional space for women to work and socialize.

The space is a penthouse on 20th Street filled with books, comfortable furniture and a fully stocked cafe, and also includes bathrooms with showers and complimentary hair products. There is even a private room for women who need to breastfeed, pump, or take a quiet breather.


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Membership costs $185 a month or $1950 for the year, though members sign up for at least one year. Those who want to join must also fill out a questionnaire about their occupation, desired use of the space, and favorite complicated woman. The club is not looking to be exclusionary but rather to embrace what makes women unique, as one of the founders, Audrey Gelman tells Quartz, “We don’t have a target woman. Women are our target women.” The club opened on October 10th with 250 members and 1,300 applications pending.

While The Wing is not the only social women’s club in New York, Gelman was clear that the establishment was designed to cater to everyday working women and quick to remove any elitism:

“I always just feel like ‘I don’t belong here,’ and like I’m not, whatever it is—skinny enough, rich enough, accomplished enough—all of these things I think we beat ourselves up for a million times a day anyway. We wanted to create an environment where those kinds of stratifications didn’t exist, and the only real constraints we have are just the amount of space.”

The Wing

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