Fans will submit their darkest secrets to the band's Tumblr page to win concert tickets and their stories will be displayed on a wall in LA

To promote their newest single “Don't Wanna Know,” American pop group Maroon 5 is encouraging fans to submit their darkest secrets to the band's Tumblr page, acting as an anonymous virtual confession wall. The campaign, which runs through November 14, spurs participants to send their confessions in GIF, video or text form. Participants are then entered into a draw to win prizes, such as tickets to a Maroon 5 concert. The confessions are displayed at a live installation located at the corner of 2nd St. and La Brea in Los Angeles, California.By leveraging social media, the wall instills emotive, narrative-based relationships with Maroon 5's fans. This story-based dialogue between the band and its fans bears resemblance to popular anonymous sites like FML and the artistically-grounded community project PostSecret.

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