The new Sports Debrief from PSFK Labs uncovers a wave of new tools and technologies that are helping people better understand how the brain works in order to extract a higher level of performance

Some of the best motivational speeches from coaches can be found on YouTube, filmed with an iPhone right before the team runs out onto the field. This ritual is not just for show, it can serve an important role in a person's or a group's performance. Many athletes would agree that the mental part of their training is as important as the physical. Whether it's fast-paced music hyping them up for a run, a soothing podcast enhancing recovery or a personal trainer pushing you to the limit, all top performers utilize some sort of mental support to keep them going. As technology progresses further, athletes can turn to emerging technologies for this same support, to improve motivation, focus, emotion and the ability to visualize success—before, during and after a training session.

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