Nike’s New Store Looks To Revolutionize The In-Store Experience

Nike’s New Store Looks To Revolutionize The In-Store Experience

The SoHo concept location creates a seamless connection between the brand's physical and digital platforms

Jennifer Passas
  • 17 november 2016

New York’s SoHo neighborhood is a quintessential example of inner-city regeneration. Its only constant is its ever-evolving nature. Similar to SoHo, Nike is always in a state of flux, continually adapting to resonate with new and changing audiences. Bearing that in mind, it’s somewhat fitting that on November 11, Nike opened a 55 square-foot tech-infused store right in the heart of SoHo that could potentially be a blueprint for the future of retail and the in-store experience.

in-store experience

Designed to deliver personalized services through trial spaces and customization, visitors can try out new products in real sports settings with tech-enhanced features. There are fitness lounge inspired fitting rooms and instant personalization studios that set the in-store shopping experience apart from the online experience. Some could say the five-story store successfully creates a seamless link between Nike’s digital and physical platforms.

Additionally, the store features sporting complexes such as an entire basketball half-court “trial zone” that includes adjustable hoops and digital video screens. In-built with sensors, the court provides real-time on-screen feedback for participants during their training time utilizing an staff basketball athlete that demonstrates the benefits of featured products in-store. Similar experiences are also possible within the store’s running and soccer trial areas.

in-store experience

Ultimately the store further affirms Nike as a trend authority in using their brick-and mortar presence to increase both physical and digital sales. Even Nike’s Nike+ app has even been integrated into the store’s features so visitors can save their favorite products to buy later, along with their training results.

Nike’s newest addition to SoHo demonstrates how in-store experiences can be reimagined to integrate a digital experience rather than keeping the two separate. Stay on the look-out for a similar Nike store slated for launch in Miami in mid-December.


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