One X Sensor measures your carotenoid levels by beaming a specific wavelength of color into your skin and determining your dietary needs

Health is a dynamic and multifaceted element of our lives, a scientific discussion often met with controversy and misinformation. While the body of knowledge surrounding the topic is certainly expansive, daily research papers often disprove previous assessments, and many times what’s best for us seems counterintuitive. It’s for these reasons that packing on a few pounds can sometimes be beneficial, and why the debate whether drinking wine leads to a longer life still hasn’t been put to rest. While an all-in-one solution for tracking our health, informing our dietary decisions and curbing disease has yet to be realized, a concoction of various products can still steer us toward a fitter, more healthful self. Among these contenders is a small sphere called the One X Sensor, which measures your carotenoid levels (a type of antioxidant).

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