Nutritional Biosensor Knows If You’ve Been Eating Healthy

Nutritional Biosensor Knows If You’ve Been Eating Healthy
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One X Sensor measures your carotenoid levels by beaming a specific wavelength of color into your skin and determining your dietary needs

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 14 november 2016

Health is a dynamic and multifaceted element of our lives, a scientific discussion often met with controversy and misinformation. While the body of knowledge surrounding the topic is certainly expansive, daily research papers often disprove previous assessments, and many times what’s best for us seems counterintuitive. It’s for these reasons that packing on a few pounds can sometimes be beneficial, and why the debate whether drinking wine leads to a longer life still hasn’t been put to rest. While an all-in-one solution for tracking our health, informing our dietary decisions and curbing disease has yet to be realized, a concoction of various products can still steer us toward a fitter, more healthful self. Among these contenders is a small sphere called the One X Sensor, which measures your carotenoid levels (a type of antioxidant).

By beaming a specific wavelength of color into your skin and measuring the reflected signals, the Indiegogo project offers a promising method of measuring whether you’re eating enough produce.

You may be familiar with carotenoid in the form of carotene, the pigment that makes carrots and apricots orange, lycopene (found in tomatoes) and other types which can be found in dark, leafy greens. When you eat produce, carotenoids end up in your tissues, and having more carotenoids is linked to a lower risk of disease: a sign of a healthy lifestyle. By holding the One X Sensor in the palm of your hand for 20 seconds, the device can visualize your carotenoid profile and pinpoint the areas where you can improve. Even directly after a meal, the gadget can be used to gauge how well your body absorbs the nutrients, and it even collects local data about pollution and UV radiation in your environment for certain calculations.

In addition to measuring your varying pigment levels, the One X Sensor can also sync with other devices used to measure sleep and activity, collectively reviewing how the choices you make impact your body (regardless how subtle they may be). The system also merges the realms of machine learning and computer vision to recognize ingredients in meals you choose to photograph, over time sending personalized diet recommendations based on individual needs. Down the road, the startup behind the One X Sensor hopes to further capitalize on the collected data by beginning to sell customized supplements.

Nutritional Biosensor handheld

While carotenoid scanners have been used by public health researchers, the One X Sensor is among the first to be available to the public at a consumer-friendly price point. The tool offers a potent feedback loop for improving both the micro and macro decisions of our daily lives, with the startup arguing that if you see the physical impact on your body, you’ll be more motivated to change than if you were just told that what you’re doing isn’t good for you. And by tuning into a larger ecosystem of health-related instruments, the One X Sensor seamlessly breaks down the disparate elements of our lives into informed, actionable steps that’s easy to follow and guaranteed to promote a greater sense of wellbeing.

Having already surpassed its crowdfunding campaign for $50,000 USD, the One X Sensor will continue to accept funding on Indiegogo for another month, after which the company will begin production. Early bird models start at $129 USD, and are expected to ship around May of 2017.

One X Sensor

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