FysioPal is a shirt that syncs with a smartphone and vibrates to notify wearers if they're slouching

A new method to improve posture has come to your smartphone. An application syncs with sensors in an undershirt—a smart top named FysioPal, designed by Arnhem-based fashion designer, Pauline van Dongen—layered with electronics. When a wearer falls into a bad posture, the top vibrates to notify the user for adjustment, making a great clothing option for office workers.

FysioPal is designed to fit as an undershirt. Its sensors gather the information of the wearer's neck, back and shoulders to assess their general position. These measurements upload to the application and when the wearer falls to a slouch position, the top vibrates to have the wearer change their position. Training programs, an hourly posture analysis and overall feedback come with the application to give users feedback so as to monitor their improvement.

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