PhiPal is transforming the piece of safety equipment so that it can help to save lives, automatically

Carlo Ciaramelletti, co-founder of SaPHIBeat Technologies, a wearable safety device startup, nearly lost his life while skiing in Italy. The day after his accident, another skier crashed in the same area and lost his life because he wasn’t able to signal for help. The story and experience prompted Ciaramelletti to create PhiPal, a helmet add-on that can call for help if necessary, with the ability to track and improve the wearer’s performance.

PhiPAL is a small device that can be mounted to most standard sports helmets and is packed with an array of motion and altimetric sensors that are able to monitor acceleration, position, orientation and altitude. When any drastic changes to any of the metrics are detected it signals to the device that an accident might have occurred. If the device believes that the wearer is unconscious it initiates the alarm procedure.

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