Platform Lets People Train AI Programs To Write Fiction

Platform Lets People Train AI Programs To Write Fiction

Literai is a community that uses neural networks to automate storytelling by computers

Conner Dial, Fashion Editor
  • 30 november 2016

It’s often said that artists craft by theft. Well, this maxim isn’t too far off from how our brains work. As the creative mind is activated with spools of new information, the line is blurred between inspiration and thievery. This isn’t something that is unique to humans, either. Artificial neural networks enable AI platforms to adopt a similar approach to problem solving and the act of creation. Literai is a website that applies this concept to storytelling, building a community that trains AI bots to craft works of “artificial fiction” based on stories and prose that users place into lines of code.

The platform uses a docker tool that runs a virtual computer with a preset coding system, then allows users to either input an existing model of code (created by another user) or create their own. By inputing data sets comprised of different authors and literary genres, the AI will craft a unique story—whether it be in the vein of 19th century realism or a post-modern mashup of genres.

This isn’t to say that these stories are quality works or apt replacements for human authors. While Literai says its fine for users to do basic copyedits, they “discourage directly editing the words the AI wrote.” The works have a staccato-like syntax, or are else absurd and border-line incomprehensible. Whether the art of artificial fiction evolves into a sophisticated genre all on its own, its nonetheless fascinating to see the patterns that exist across different styles of work.


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