Pocket Camera Aims To Make Live Streaming Better

Pocket Camera Aims To Make Live Streaming Better
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The Mevo helps resolve the complexities of streaming video with an intuitive setup and smart editing controls

Johan Friedner
  • 8 november 2016

If you’ve never created a live stream, it is hard to understand the complexities of getting everything to run smoothly. Countless live streamers (from big publications such as The New York Times to smaller Twitch game streamers) always encounter some issues during their first streaming event. Mevo, the sleek live stream camera from service company Livestream, wants to provide a seamless streaming setup, consisting of a minimal pocket camera and a video editing smartphone app, to avoid those adoption hiccups altogether.

More and more businesses are leveraging live streams as a direct way to interact with customers and employees—it provides a simple way to communicate a message along with instant feedback. Facebook is currently promoting live streams to users which is why brands should start to experiment with possibilities such as streaming workshops, product launches or Q&As with in-house or expert talent. Companies can also provide better education for employees, create more interactive conference calls or make remote work a breeze using a good live-streaming service.

The unboxing experience of Mevo is pretty straightforward. In the box, you will find the lightweight 2” x 2.5” camera, a small tripod mount, instructions, memory card and a power cable. After charging Mevo and downloading the app, you are greeted with a ring of light from the camera before pairing it with your phone. Mevo acts like a router, connecting to the phone as a Wi-Fi access point together with Bluetooth.

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You are able to control the stream with your phone through the Mevo app that has a user-friendly interface and all essential video editing functions. With a camera resolution of 4K, a user is able to crop different parts of the screen and move said crop around, always maintaining a stream quality of 720p. This allows for features such as smooth transitions between parts of the image, digital zoom and face-tracking. You are also able to switch to static images such as welcome screens, pre-downloaded slides or stills taken directly from the video feed.

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When it is time to stream, the app connects to either its parent company’s service or Facebook Live, or simply records the video onto the included memory card. As the maximum video quality is 720p, it works for its intended purpose but does not produce any spectacular images associated with small cameras like GoPro. However, there are settings to fiddle around with, including filters, to help enhance the appearance of the video.

When streaming, the smartphone screen froze a couple of times, but it wasn’t noticeable when viewing the live stream. If there is Wi-Fi access, a user should connect Mevo to that router instead of streaming over a limited mobile internet connection, which can cause some delay. Some issues arose when reconnecting Mevo with the phone, mainly solved by a reboot or using another phone. However, Mevo knows about these issues and is working on resolving them. It might still serve as a lesson to allocate time for an A/V run before an event to make sure everything runs smoothly on the big day.

Audio is one of the most important aspects of live streaming which Mevo accounts for; as a user, you can choose to use your smartphone, the Mevo camera or an external 3.5 input to the Mevo as an audio source. This opens up interesting possibilities such as using your phone for interviews or pulling stage audio into the stream. If external audio is used, you must monitor it through the stream instead of the app.

Overall, Mevo is a very well thought-out product with the issues of live streaming and users in mind. It makes this medium simple to use with an app that provides a user-friendly interface and the creative toolset to customize a stream. The app may still have some compatibility bugs but in conclusion, Mevo resolves a lot of the associated headaches that tend to plague the live-stream world.


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