A Robotic Garden Is Roaming Around London

A Robotic Garden Is Roaming Around London

The project from Interactive Architecture Lab is meant to increase the interaction between people and nature

Jiwon Kim
  • 11 november 2016

No doubt you’ve heard about cars that can drive themselves—but what about self-driving gardens? Well that seemingly farfetched concept has been made into a realty by Interactive Architecture Lab, having created a robotic garden smart enough to roam around the streets of London on its own. 

robotic garden

Since plants are responsive to their surrounding environment, Interactive Architecture Lab was able to wire these instincts into an autonomous robotic ecosystem after doing extensive research on plant electrophysiology.

robotic garden

Going by the name “Hortum machine B,”  the garden consists of 12 modules containing plants native to Britain. Thanks to its dome-shape, the structure is mobile. Electro-physiological sensors are connected to each plant, processing their feedback in order to decide on where the structure travels next, letting it freely move throughout London.

robotic garden

robotic garden

robotic garden

Interactive Architecture Lab

+hortum machine b
+Interactive Architecture Lab

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