Scientifically-Crafted Song Keeps Babies Happy

Scientifically-Crafted Song Keeps Babies Happy

C&G Babyclub created the track with the sound of sneezes, animals and laughter

Jennifer Passas
  • 8 november 2016

What’s one of the greatest universal truths? That parents want their children to be happy. Luckily for parents everywhere, C&G Babyclub has created The Happy Song—the first scientifically-tested song that cheers up babies.

The Irish pregnancy and baby advice company asked over 1,000 parents across the UK to identify sounds that make their babies happy. The data collected was utilized to make “happy making” sounds such as sneezing, animal noises and laughter. Partnering with psychologists, the project also gained invaluable insights into what instigates happiness and laughter amongst babies aged 6-24 months.

Scientifically-crafted song sound of happy baby track

Parents were asked to upload the happiness-inducing sounds to C&G’s baby club page. Grammy-award-winning artist Imogen Heap then used these sounds to develop four tracks exporing various tempos, chord ranges, pitches, rhythms, performance cues and musical devices.

The songs were tested for three months at an infant laboratory. Baby reactions such as facial expressions, heart rates and vocalizations were monitored to determine how specific song components impact a baby’s mood.

The final product? A two-minute song that takes listeners on a melodic journey through cheerful sounds and lyrics. A music video was even created for the song by MAFTA-winning director Michael J. Ferns, capturing seven families playing with their babies.

Sound of Happy | C&G Babyclub

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