developed eight floor plans for fictional living spaces of some of television's most beloved characters

Sometimes the setting featured in a TV show is just as important as the plot itself. After watching shows like Breaking Bad and Friends, you can’t help becoming so attached to the world portrayed in the show that you start wondering what the household would look like in real life. felt so tied to some of these places that they built detailed floor plans for eight beloved TV show homes.

From the Bluth's model home in the comedy Arrested Development to Summer's home in the supernatural classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the apartment shared by Sherlock and Watson at 221B Baker Street in BBC's Sherlock, the floor plans give fans an inside look at their favorite fictional abodes. Branching genres, decades, and styles, the plans incorporate fine details including the front hall closet where Lorelai keeps her ex boxes in Gilmore Girls to the layers of Christmas lights Joyce Byers uses to communicate with her son Will from the summer sleeper hit Stranger Things. 

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