Alarm Clock Adjusts Your Wake-Up Time Based On Weather And Traffic

Alarm Clock Adjusts Your Wake-Up Time Based On Weather And Traffic

The device is also capable of connecting with services such as Spotify and Nest to help people control their living environment

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 4 november 2016

As alarms designed to wake up their users at the optimum moment in their sleep cycles have grown in popularity, French design company Holi wants to upgrade the concept with its smart alarm clock, Bonjour.

The clock boasts the ability to anticipate conditions that might impact its user’s morning routine and adjust its actions accordingly. For example, if there’s an accident causing heavy traffic on your route to work or school, the clock might wake you up earlier to ensure you will still be on time.

Bonjour can also integrate with services like music streaming app Spotify, Philips Hue smart lighting and Nest thermostats. Like many smart devices, users can speak to the alarm clock to control aspects of their environment — saying “Bonjour” wakes the clock up.

The device also incorporates “if this, then that” capabilities. For instance, users can program Bonjour to wake them up earlier than usual if the weather forecast is pleasant. Even without prompting, Bonjour offers tips to help users make it through their day more smoothly, such as warning them to get up and move if they haven’t had much exercise, or reminding them to grab a jacket if the weather is chilly.

Currently fundraising on Kickstarter, the company has set a target goal of $50,000 to offer Bonjour for sale. Supporters can pledge $99 to receive one device or $189 for two, although Holi expects the device to eventually retail for $249. Assuming the fundraising goal is met, the smart alarm clocks are set to ship out in June 2017.


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