The ever-changing retailer has also partnered with Microsoft's Surface line, as well as entrepreneurial figures Sophia Amoroso and David Kidder, for a curated collection of gift bundles

Whereas most stores designate an aisle or select products to cater to holiday gift buyers, Story, the New York-based concept store, has designated its entire store to a real-life, editorialized gift guide.  The shape-shifting retailer adopts a brand new and unique aesthetic every four to eight weeks, and this holiday-themed incarnation is a one-stop destination for all your buying needs.

The “Home for the Holidays” installation is built around rooms corresponding to different gift recipients, while the kitchen offers something for everyone. The store has a hefty amount of product—more than 2,000 products from 300 small retailers and brands—but the space doesn't feel any less inviting than the classic holiday hearth that inspired it.

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