Special stickers are able to replicate a human fingertip so that users can make any glove compatible with their devices

Gloves may be vital to starving off frostbite on your fingers, but they certainly make using a phone nigh-on impossible. While there are gloves that trick phones into thinking there is skin contact, phones that require actual fingerprints to unlock present a whole new challenge. TAPS hopes to offer a solution with their synthetic fingertip gloves that feature stickers, enabling users to touch features on their phone.

The stickers have a unique pattern that emulates a fingerprint, meaning users merely have to add the sticker-print into their touchscreen IDs. Additionally, the stickers are waterproof and can be easily removed from the gloves without damaging them. TAPS's Kickstarter campaign has already garnered over $9,200 in funding—significantly more than its $5,900 goal. Those looking to keep their fingers warm while using their phone this winter can donate $11 for a set of four stickers.

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