The Slate from iSKN gives artists the feeling of hand-drawn pieces with the convenience of digital manipulation

French startup iSKN released the Slate tablet, a device which uploads artists’ drawings from paper as they draw to a digital format using a magnetic ring connected around a pen or pencil, creating digital sketches.

iSKN wanted to give artists the feeling and texture of drawing freehand while also introducing the limitless possibilities of digital art. 32 magnetic sensors on the stencil sync to the ring attached to the writing utensil to track movements uploaded to iSKN’s native application, Imagink. Imagink syncs with PCs, Macs and iPads and can transfer the image to a JPG, PNG, SVG, PSD or a MP4 file. Having first arrived on Kickstarter back in 2013, the product was previously known as the iSketchnote, garnering nearly $350,000 in fundraising. The Slate is slated for release on November 21, 2016.

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