Head of Design Andreas Nilsson describes which values were most influential in determining the identity and design direction of the new auto company

Following the reveal of the 01, LYNK & CO's debut vehicle as an auto brand, PSFK spoke with Andreas Nilsson, Head of LYNK & CO design, about what distinguishes the brand and how it was brought to life starting from a blank sheet of paper.

From a design perspective, LYNK & CO is a freshly launched automobile brand. What are the characteristics that set it apart from all other existing automakers?

I think when we started this, we wanted to make a bold statement. It’s a design driven brand, so naturally, design is very important. The first thing we worked on was getting really beautiful proportions. If you look at the car, the wheel to body ratio is really good. The position of the wheels, the wheelbase, the wheel size, the overhangs are the fundamentals and if you get those right, you have a very good starting point. We made sure to focus on that in the beginning to get those right. And then, of course we had to develop our own identity and form language. To do that we were searching a lot and we decided to do some workshops and brainstorming and we came up with four words that we agreed represent the values of the form language. The first one was personal; we believe if we make this a personal statement it will represent something we stand for and believe in. We didn’t want to be a big corporation hiding behind a big facade and anonymous.

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