Tools For Therapy uses shapes and design as a communication method to help people open up

There are over a thousand different psychotherapies based on different conceptions of psychology, ethics, or techniques. Even with thousands of options, opening up and expressing yourself is no easy task. Nicolette Bodewes, a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, has created a tactile toolkit designed to help people in psychotherapy to express themselves.

Presented at this year’s Dutch Design Week, where mental health was a key topic, Bodewes Tools for Therapy is positioned as a “communication toolkit.” The kit includes two sets of objects, round sheets of paper and a workbook. The design of the toolkit is based off of Bodewes’ own experience in therapy sessions. After suffering from burnout at the age of 28, Bodewes engaged in a number of different therapies at the same time to help her cope. She found that psychomotor therapy and creative therapy, which are focused on visualizing much more helpful than just talk therapy.

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