To promote the upcoming game Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft created a platform to show what your profile looks like to large companies looking to market to you

Predictive World—a data mining website that enables users to play with big data related to their digital footprint in order to predict their future—was launched on November 10. The project is headed by multicultural advertising agency Sid Lee Paris and video game developer Ubisoft.

Predictive World predicts a user's profile based on their digital footprint and analyzes how their profile changes based on points of information. It asks to access the user's Facebook page to collect information and places it into the advanced data system to summarize specific points about their personality such as their openness to trying something new, their willingness to smoke cigarettes or how much alcohol they drink. Clicking on a specific point describes what each spectrum—from 0 to 100—says about the profile. Users can move these points to see what happens when something is increased or decreased, and how it changes the predictions about their life.

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