Proof is a startup developing tech for animals that can measure activity, rest, food intake and more

Millions of people across the country spend billions of dollars ensuring their pet is healthy, comfortable and happy—it is estimated that 65 percent of American households own a pet.  And now, the wearable technology that has given humans the ability to live healthier and productive lives is available for furry family members.  It really was only a matter of time before wearables made it from wrists onto paws.

Proof, a tech company based in Fremont, California, is hoping that their new wearables, dubbed the Pea and the Bean, will give pet owners greater peace of mind when it comes to their beloved pets health. The wearables hang from your pet's collar and measure activity, rest, food intake and calories burned daily. The device is also able to compare a pets' activity to other pets using Proof to give owners a benchmark of their pets' health relative to others.

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