The tech giant has integrated new voice commands for Android users where they can cast spells that activate features on their mobile devices

If you've ever wanted to use the spells from the Harry Potter universe to make your life easier and a little more magical, Google has you covered. To promote the upcoming film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the tech giant has integrated new voice commands that Android  users to turn their mobile device into a magic wand to cast spells and activate phone features.

Partnering with Warner Bros. Pictures, the new magically themed voice commands are easy to activate. Simply say “Ok Google” followed by a spell. For example, the word “Lumos” will turn on the phone's flashlight and “Nox,” the word for light and darkness, can shut it off. “Silencio” can be used to turn the phone's ringer to silent. While there aren't any other spells yet to test your wizarding skills, Google also has a new Street View feature where fans can view the locations of the films.

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