The new app is designed to be easier to navigate, and integrates with more third-party services

Uber has released a major redesign of their app in the coming weeks that is significantly faster, smarter, easier to navigate and more transparent about cost and estimated travel time. The most compelling upgrade of the reimagined app though is a new feature called Uber Feed.

Uber, a company best known for getting you from point A to point B, is now hoping to help fill the space between A and B. Uber Feed will kick in as soon as a driver starts the trip. A scrollable feed of cards will appear at the bottom of your screen offering a number of services Uber thinks you might find useful during your trip. Feeling hungry? Swipe left on the UberEats card to see which restaurants can deliver to your house in sync with your arrival. Heading out to a restaurant? A Yelp card lets you browse photos and reviews of popular dishes. Going to be late? A Snapchat card with a custom filter allows you to update your date on your ETA.

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