Respia was developed to make life easier for those with the respiratory condition and help take their mind off of always worrying about their condition

Respia is a wearable device designed to assist those with asthma to better manage their condition by tracking their medicine and symptoms.

Asthma sufferers have various triggers, from exercise to dust to air pollution. Although avoiding these triggers is one way to prevent asthma attacks, medication can also enable suffers to partake in day-to-day activities. When an asthma attack occurs, a quick-relief inhaler is required to clear their airways.

Providing notifications, updates and breathing pattern detection, Respia connects to smartphones via Bluetooth to give users a daily analysis of how they’re doing and alerting them if their condition is worsening. With a vibrating function, the patch uses touch to upload information to the user’s smartphone in order to notify users if they are experiencing inflammation or additional symptoms.

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