A Kickstarter campaign wants to help pet owners understand fundamental details they could easily miss about their cats and dogs

Pets are just furrier family members, right? Lucky for animal lovers everywhere, Felcana has brought out a variety of smart wearables specifically designed to track cat and dog health and behavior to help owners understand their pets on a deeper level.

The Felcana is comprised of three elements: the Helix, a micro-location beacon and the home hub. Both the micro-location beacon and the home hub focus on different information and revolve around the Helix, a wearable attached to the side of the animal’s collar, acting as the main locator. The Helix checks in with the beacons, which are placed on the side of food dishes, water bowls, pet doors and sleeping areas. Then the beacons send information to the Felcana application to record everything while the home hub amplifies the beacon and Helix signals and syncs to the Felcana app on the phone.

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